Breaking: An Emirates A380 in quarantine at JFK Airport

this is savage now…

Well man am doimg pretty well in english considering am a french speaker. My point is the fool says in public that some people somewhere are suffering fevers of 100 degrees.

you are in quicksand here bro…the more you wriggle, the faster you sink…

You is fucked!

Sasa apo naelewa. KIZUNGU

It’s not just emirates. Every plane leaving most African countries for European destination has to spray disinfectant before departure. Colonial nugus

Just stop digging and admit that you tried to insult another netter for ‘poor education’ despite your not being a native speaker.

It not even ‘the fool’ who wrote that article. It was written by an American. To them, Fahrenheit is the only scale.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…Sijacheka hivi for a long time…Hizi zimenimaliza 'Ngai! You are making it worse …" and 'Hehehehe. Just stop bro. …"…Bwana @hunningale , There is also Degrees Celsius…

That’s their perception

This has not been breaking news anywhere. It mustn’t be serious enough.

Maybe a case of food poisoning and people shat their pants.

Hehe … @Nattybread peleka mujamaa polepole

Poa sana bro.

True. Was browsing through the githeri shannelos to see if they would report anything.

Mercy! Mercy! Abeg:D

Vanilla Ice alikua pia kwa hio mix(kwa watoto wa kijiji,mnaeza google).With that 100 degrees temperature im sure alikua anaimba “ice ,ice baby”:D:D:D:D:D:D

They had confirmed cases of malaria infection amongst the labourers passed by tropical mosquitos …in the desert.That spray kills everything,in your case,hadi moods zako naona zilikua affected :D:D:D:D:D:D

Not necessarily,not EVERY flight. Depends if there’s a disease which is prevalent and can be passed by insects.

I think he forgot to denote whether it was in degrees celcius ama degrees farenheit but the word degree has to be like a constant

When an American is writing for an American audience, it is not necessary to clarify. Similarly, Kenyan weathermen never tell you that it will be 28 Celcius tomorrow.

Finally, anybody knows that if the passengers had 100C, there would have been hearses lined up on the tarmac, not ambulances.