Breaking: An Emirates A380 in quarantine at JFK Airport

BREAKING: An Emirates A380 in quarantine at JFK Airport right now awaiting CDC officials after about 100 passengers became ill with fevers over 100 degrees and coughing. Flight 203 had just arrived from Dubai.
Emirates flight crew being loaded into Ambulances at JFK Airport after about 100 become ill with temperatures over 100 degrees on flight from Dubai. Aircraft remains quarantined. [ATTACH=full]191537[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]191538[/ATTACH]

Are you serious? 100 degree fevers? What school did some of you go?

it is fahrenheit my friend. huko ni america…

The news source is probably American those faqqaz use Fahrenheits

You are abusing your gift of ignorance.

Hunningale hakufunzwa Fahrenheit. Shule ilikuwa na thermometer moja pekee.

Sijui why I feel like that mega Airbus is a disaster waiting to happen kama ya Titanic. Food poisoning probably to blame, catering ya 500+ is dicey.

and the symptoms of any food poisoning would have manifested especially if it was from the first meal eaten…
but the coughing bit sounds sinister and possibly the cause of the quarantine…[SIZE=1]think bio-weapon[/SIZE]…

Heheheeee…only in ktalk.


The school you went to only taught Centigrade, feet and inches. They also didn’t teach you that the correct way to phrase your question was “What school did you go to?”

Talking of planes - why do Emirates planes entering UAE spray some stuff in the air, kind of a disinfectant? I find it offensive and unhealthy.

The guy wrote degrees.

anti-mosquito fumigation

one international channel reporting an unconfirmed “virulent flu” @Nattydread

yes, 100 degrees fahrenheit…which is slightly above 38 centigrade, which is above human normal of 36.1 to 37.2…

The guy wrote 100 degrees. Its reported speech. Urudishiwe fee

Hehehehe. Just stop bro.

Ngai! You are making it worse. Who told you that both scales do not measure in degrees? Let me complicate it further: Even Kelvin measures degrees.

Note: the word ‘degree’ denotes magnitude and can be applied to anything, including daftness.

Remedial teaching follows:

Degree (temperature) - Wikipedia

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If it’s Bio weapon the shit btn Saudi and Qatar has just been starred to a new level. Then again old habit dies slow. It could be uncle Sam has gone back to self cannibalistic way then blame Russia or Iraq or even Qatarians

he he he

jambo wakini.