BREAKING: Alaaar! Alaaar! Alaaar!

Francis Atwoli’s daughter Mariah shared screenshots of her father’s five missed calls and indicated she wasn’t happy about the old man’s incessant calls.

The beautiful baby girl was out partying with friends when her father called, but she ignored all the calls.

“Mtu haezi ishi life hii Nairobi. I’m 25 now,” she said.


“Mtu haezi ishi life hii Nairobi . I’m 25 now ,” she said.

Reacting to the rich kid’s post,

Sherryl Noel Opondo said: “Babako anajua soko ni chafu saa hii (he knows the streets aren’t safe).”

Ben Baron Ke said: “Hawa wazazi nao pia wanafaa kua na limit .”

Anne Nyaboke said: “What a caring father! Thank God you have a good father.”

Philip Wakhu said: “The father knows the dangers of the ocean.”

Kanini Julie said: “A caring dad.”

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary-general and his daughter have a close bond and recently, Mariah was shocked to discover he was on TikTok.

The beautiful rich kid, shared a video on her Insta Stories, showing Atwoli watching a TikTok video of a beautiful woman on his latest iPhone.

Mariah was surprised and questioned who had introduced the old man to the vibrant social media platform. Mariah then revealed she was hanging around her father so as to get money to enjoy herself.

“Listening to some Rhumba…sijui nani alionyesha mzee TikTok… Anyway, acha nicollect za snacks,” she wrote.

Atwoli splashes cash on daughter On January 25, 2022, it was reported that together with her close friends, all rich kids, went out on a date to celebrate her birthday.

Maria and her friends had dinner at a city hotel, where she cut a cake and shared it with her squad.

In a series of photos and videos, she shared on her Insta Stories from her flashy birthday party, and in one of the videos, she wore a short, body-hugging dress, beige in color, holding a bouquet of red roses. They later moved to a club, where they had fun, documenting every moment. …

The rich kid, who always showers her 72-year-old father with praises, thanked the trade unionist for making her day. “Shout out to my dad for making my birthday special,” she said.