BREAKING : airport closed!

Jubaland administration ( Kenyan army backed region) has just announced the closure of the Kismayo Airport effective 20 August 2019 at 06:00PM; until the day after the election on 23rd August 2019. Announcement says movement of security forces willl not be allowed on Election Day 22 August.

Simmering stand off between Kenya and Ethiopian troops has been escalating since yesterday


At least they are proud of their language, not like us.

we have kiswahili we are proud of ,their country is a shithole hama uko

Have you ever seen a government official communication (written) in swahili?

Yes, tanzania

How come you are not speaking in Swahili on this forum. Or your mother tongue? Are you not proud of that?

@Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum njoo uletee translashen. Sisi nywele ngumu iko umia tafasali.

That’s their worst headache !
AND they can fight generation after generation

Msomali Ni mafwi

Our languages are 42. Which one would you rather we use?

Like every Gazette comes in both English and Swahili