Breaking Again: Google fastracking it's move out of China!!


Sweatshops ni mingi. Google moving back to the original sweatshop : TAIWAN.

Those who read history know that Taiwan is the “real” China govt. , communist ni usurper tu.

Americans brought projects to Taiwan, Taiwan hooked up their cousins in the mainland.

[SIZE=7]Google Is Moving More Hardware Production Out of China[/SIZE]
Debby Wu
Mark Bergen
June 12, 2019, 12:00 AM GMT+3Updated on June 12, 2019, 12:22 PM GMT+3
[li]Trump’s tariffs push tech giant to boost Taiwan manufacturing[/li][li]Google proved keener than other tech companies about shift[/li][/ul]
The Google Nest Hub Max
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Alphabet Inc.’s Google is moving some production of Nest thermostats and server hardware out of China, avoiding punitive U.S. tariffs and an increasingly hostilegovernment in Beijing, according to people familiar with the matter.

Google has already shifted much of its production of U.S.-bound motherboards to Taiwan, averting a 25% tariff, said the people, asking not to be identified discussing internal matters. While U.S. officials have pinpointed Chinese-made motherboards as a security risk, Google didn’t bring that up during discussions with its suppliers, they said. Tariffs have also pushed American-bound production of its Nest devices to Taiwan and Malaysia, the people said.

The migration is taking place as companies both foreign and domestic seek to pivot their production away from China amid U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to reset the perimeters for global trade and manufacturing. Beijing is showing growing signs also of clamping down on American corporations from Ford Motor Co. to FedEx Corp. within the world’s largest consumer market and production base.

That’s prompting U.S. companies, long accustomed to using China as the world’s workshop, to explore alternatives. The Taiwanese contract manufacturers that make most of the world’s electronics, including Apple Inc. partner Foxconn Technology Group, have since 2018 accelerated the shift at their clients’ behest. Foxconn said on Tuesday that it has enough capacity to make all iPhones bound for the U.S. outside of China if necessary, although Apple has so far not asked for such a shift.
Apple’s U.S. iPhones Can Be Made Outside of China If Needed
While Google’s hardware production in China pales in comparison to the likes of Apple, its shift may herald a broader trend as tensions between Beijing and Washington escalate. The U.S. search giant earns some advertising revenue from the country and had explored avenues to court consumers and corporations in the world’s No. 2 economy, from sharing artificial intelligence tools to even a censored search service. It’s also lobbying Washington for permission to continue supplying Android to Huawei Technologies Co., the Financial Times has reported.
It’s widening its footprint elsewhere: Googleannounced in March it’s creating a new campus in Taipei and expanding staff on the island, though it’s unclear whether that’s related to its manufacturing diversification. Google declined to comment on production adjustments.
Among the Google hardware saddled with higher tariffs, server motherboards are among the most critical to the tech giant’s operations. The company builds its own data centers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Those computing hubs help it offer search and productivity tools on a cloud services platform, and power the world’s largest mobile platform as well as services from mapping to search.
And among major U.S. tech companies that operate so-called hyperscale or giant data centers, Google is keener than others including Facebook, Microsoft Corp. Inc. to shift server motherboards out of China. That’s because it sometimes procures the components only, while its rivals tend to buy complete server racks from suppliers, one person said.
Motherboards are categorized as printed circuit board assembly, which face 25% tariffs if they are imported directly into the U.S., while server racks as a whole have not yet been affected. Many U.S.-bound servers are assembled in Mexico, while there are also companies that assemble those locally in America.
Chairman Simon Lin at Wistron Corp., which makes servers for Facebook and Microsoft, said on Wednesday it too is looking to shift some production away from China and perhaps to the U.S., but didn’t elaborate or specify which products.
— With assistance by Gerrit De Vynck

ebu ngoja , HTC is from taiwan , right ? is it fully taiwanese or does it belongs to some U.S entity chini ya maji just like JUMIA is german and french , but claiming to be AFRICAN…

But on the other hand they are beging the government to bring back Huawei to the fold to avoid an android competitor

Patco ni kama hujielewi!!those USA companies can and will never go back to their motherland.hapa trump anachezwa tu.once they go to Taiwan si china will be tariff less

What will happen if all Chinese phone manufacturers abandon Android and use their OS? Google will loose business on the global front.

America is a free economy. We know that. Even Trump knows that. If Apple wants to go to Kenya Trump can’t stop them but he can ENTICE them back. That was his campaign pledge, to make his country great again.

Unlike the gentleman from Ichaweri.

Trump is asking what made these U.S companies leave? Can his govt. address that. Plus his country’s knowledge base is being looted by this outsourcing program. Trump asks why should his govt. seat back as U.S registered patents are looted willy nilly. And yet he is the keeper of those patents. His govt. is entrusted with protecting patents.

It’s just like how we give our best resources and they are sold right back to us.

Trump is also seeking to address age old trade deficits against his country as well as the DUMPING of cheap goods in his country by not only China but even Canada and Mexico.

Canada and Mexico have really abused their trade agreements with the U.S.

Meanwhile mwingine hapa Kenya amefungua milango, madirisha… totally destroying MADE IN KENYA… and yet he still demands huge taxes from a very stretched populace.

So hapo trump amekula L.moving on…

@patco this post was not about Kenya. If your argument is disintegrating,stop dragging Cham One into it. We are on different levels…

Meanwhile hawa wasee wanamchesea Drumpf.

if you can’t see the differences between one president’s decisions and another president’s decisions hapo siwezi kusaidia.

Boss I can and do. But our situations are quite different in as much as the two are presidents…

So they say. It’s also a good thing for China. Wakuwe independent.

But truth be told sio rahisi. You have to start at mashinani level. Train the kids to be innovators. Fund universities seriously like in the U.S.

Some U.S universities are richer than most countries. Shule kama Harvard their endowment is over $30 billion. Used to pay the best professors on earth. If they hear there’s a former minister in Kenya who brought good ideas to his country, they steal him for five years to teach Americans. These U.S universities will steal that bald Kamba fellow whom you Kenyans consider a complete, sellout dumbass… they will steal that Kikuyu writer that Moi chased away years ago in his quest to kill Kenyan art… they will also steal that Kenyan writer’s Nigerian buddies . And then pay these brainiacs VERY VERY well.

They will also steal and finance the education of the best and most unwanted young brains from planet earth. Zile reject hamtaki leteni watumie. Hizo meffi za ushago zilipata A na mmekataa kuwapatia scholarships juu sio kabila yenu. Leteni U.S.
Wings on a dove sijui dove on a wing.

Juu pesa zenu ni za kujenga hotels na kununua towels na tiles.

Basically the key here is the youth. Sio kitu ingine. BRAINS. Sio foreign investor wakuje wawajengee. It’s the kids brains.

Jobs, Gates, that Google boy from Russia , that facebook kid… they were just ordinary hoi polloi kids with IDEAS.

How are they so different that one can’t draw a comparison?

They are both leaders on planet earth are they not?

Trump is a President. Uhuru is a president.

One is making his country great while trying to address deficits and dumping.

The other is selling his country to the highest bidder. Even basic projects, kuja kuja foreign investor. And he lied to the youth that he’d create jobs.

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