Break News :Death In William Rutos Family

@Luther12 summary ya kidney failure

Tunakuonea 18, you’re posting this not to inform us but to celebrate.


But kidney failure for such a chumad family that can afford dialysis and transplant? That may have been a secondary complication.

Condolences to

I assume you give and take life right? Basi wacha kujifanya mungu.

If my close family member was terminally ill and about to die , i would stop everything else and be beside him/her and spend as much time together as possible.

Secondary things like crisscrossing the country bribing voters would be delegated or postponed.

Hii ni miaka gani murume?

ni huyo kweli? hebu mbisha

Faraja kwa jamii iliyofiwa.

Idiot. Ni hayo tu…

Mungu afariji waliofiwa.
Ni lazima na ni uchungu.
Na haijui siasa.

Mid 2000s

Elected officials tend to be very selfish. There’s an former assistant minister from Nyanza whose brother was having a mchango in nrb to go abroad for a medical procedure n the guy did not attend. His excuse - he had an political event already planned. This is ur brother u r talking about. You’d think being there 4 them would be more important than the money u send.

Your stupidity exceeds you. As a country i can see that we have succeeded in exporting stupidity to Germany.Make sure you don’t sire children, for the benefit of the human gene pool.

Sadness of life.

RIP. Venye mi hukujua na threads zako za kututakia mabaya, naona wee jakoyo ka umefurahia sana

Niko na mbisha simu ndio imekataa kuattach

Wewe ni fala.


funny how I didn’t see the story in the news