Break News :Death In William Rutos Family

DP WILLIAM RUTO’s younger brother Harrison Kiptoo dies following kidney failure

may his soul rest in eternal peace…

halafu,?kuzaliwa ni bahati,kukufa ni lazima

DP William Ruto’s younger brother Harrison Kiptoo died at Nairobi hospital on Saturday night.

Kiptoo is said to have died from kidney failure.

His body was taken from Lee Funeral Home to Eldoret on Sunday.

Burial arrangements are underway.

[I]More to follow [/I]

My deepest condolence to DPORK and family.

Tuma rambi rambi kwanza



RIP kiptoe


ile Torch Jacob Juma alizikwa nayo imezima…more huzuni on Ruto and family to follow. Hamwezi kill mzito kama Juma and then expect maisha iendelee sawa… sioni William Ruto akiona 2017 wakubwa…wasapere watam manga…watch this space

Seeing the thread has been posted by you is in itself very suspect.

wacha uchokosh saa ingine ,huoni ni boy amekufa juu ya kidney failure?

RIP … I hope jubilee thugs will not say Ruto sacrificed his brother like they said for Rao




Renal failure on its own should not kill if one can afford a donor and cost if transplant.

I am suprised that none of Harrison Kiptos siblings and wider family were willing to donate a kidney and pay for transplant.

Eish .


Alikuwa anafanya Civil Engineering UON during our time there though sijui kama alimaliza. May he RIP