Brazil is a banana Republic


“Bolsonaro has suffered a series of defeats in Congress. As polls show him far behind Lula for 2022, he’s been talking about cancelling the election. With a big vote today in Congress he’s likely to lose, he sent tanks and a military parade to pass in front of Congress today”

Glenn Greenwald

Bolsonaro ni meffi taka taka. Huyo jamaa theway he handled the pandemic in Brazil left a lot to be desired. Instead of showing a good example jamaa anapuuza guidelines kabisa.
The way he also handled the Amazon forest fire left a lot to be desired. He even encourages people to cut down the forest like its nothing. Huyu jamaa vile Brazilians voted him remains a wonder!

[SIZE=5]Njaruos, hizi talking points mmetoa CNN … ama kwa diary ya Obama???[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We know that after Trump, Bolsonaro was next followed by Johnson of England.[/SIZE]

Enough said. He is one of them.