Brazil el president contracts corona.

He has been ignoring the virusi often mingling with the crowd and shaking hands.
Akule ujeuri yake.
Next up: Guka Trump.

:D:D:D:D:D Best News Of The Week. Wish Our Stable Genius would catch it too… :D:D:D:D

If it’s true, serves him right. Maybe he will take it more seriously now.

Some dark forces made sure he got in contact with people who had the virus…To teach him a lesson for not playing along…Next ni OG magufuli

He is brave

How brave are you?

This thing is real. Wakuenda round akisema ni uongo is not v alright. Though from what I have seen I would never wish it on anyone even Trump.

Be brave

Madagascar has gone on lockdown as the concotion is just fake…

hii ghsasia ikufe

Oh hell, another infected president :eek::eek:

If he recovers without much suffering he will double down on denial. Unless he’s very sick he will not acknowledge that it’s a dangerous disease.

I’ve no problem wishing death on those who wish it and cause death to others. Trump and Bolsonaro’s actions have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in their countries.


Why? Si ni homa kidogo tuuuuu

Mlitoa wapi ati ni homa kidogo?