Brave Kenya take silver at World Rugby Sevens in Canada. -some good news to cheer the morning


Hongera Kenya!!!
Is it the Republic of Kenya or Peoples Republic of Kenya???

for now both. after handshake.


Am proud to be Kenyan. All the time.

Proud to be kenyan…

The Kenyan fans in Canada did us proud. U should have seen them cheering our team hadi the camera was always focusing on them


Was Miguna x2 there?

Some cheerful news kukinga hii baridi ya leo. :smiley:

Good work, I am proud

Congratulations Shujaa!

Willy Ambaka alicheza?

Ni defender ama midfielder?

Mimi najua scrum, scrum-half, prop, hooker, flanker, fly-half and the likes hi ya defender na midfilder ni ya watu wa football.