Brave coward

After a thorough self search I have come to the honest realization that the time is right to hang my boots… See, as bitter as it is to accept and stay away from betting i have no other option but to gracefully do so. Over the few months i’ve noticed the harmless creature called gambling grow into a ferocious cancer constantly eating at me. I simply cant take it anymore… Nimeona viJana Wenzangu wakimea mvi just coz of the pressure and anxiety that follows a ‘possible win’ , Ha! Joke on you, as you sit there sweating profusely calculating what and how you gonna chop that money, the cartel of shinny eyes that control and run that ponzi continue to milk you dry. Its always that ‘one game’ that spoils The multi bet… Everytime consoling yourself next time i’ll get e’m.
The nightmares disguissed And packaged as sweet dreams In the form of jackpot has broken so many hearts…
The addiction is real and it doesnt take rocket science to prove that you are not cursed, simply Put “you refuse to use yourself and opt to misuse yourself…”
So hencforth i dettach myself from any such upuss, i won’t be the willing victim, i urge the rest of sufferers and mbirrioneers to Quit while its still a viable Option. Sooner or later the good mojo leaves without notice… "The house always wins In the end. "
Mimi nimeshukia hapa… Safari njema kwa watakao endelea.


Nv pewa likes ukue villager… Its good umedecide kuacha kutajirisha shiney eyed biz. The only way to get rich is through hard work and tears. I know what am talking about as the only real mbirrionaire here.


hehe well said…

After betting addiction, welcome to pussy and alcohol addiction. Kwanza pussy addiction wacha tu. …Most of us we are struggling with it even@Mundu mulosi who tied the knot two weeks ago.


Wajinga ndio waliwao!

Good choice!

betting is not for the greedy, bet smart and you get small gains but kama wewe ni Wa kuwekelea 50 Bob kwa multibet ya 10 games ukule 20,000 Bob then its better you quit coz you’ll lose big

As George Clooney said in the movies Oceans 11,12 and 13…the house always wins…


get-rich-quick fallacy us what’s pushing people to sports gambling. The notion that you can be a millionaire from “investing” is stupid and retarded. Work hard and be patient and God will reward your hard work.


Thank you all for the kind words and support system. It means alot…