Hi K-talkers, I am planning on starting the above business with main focus on T-shirt branding (both plain and soccer shirts). Also planning on branding cups, caps envelops among others. Also, normal printing for papers and books. considering we are heading to the campaign season, do you think this is a good venture? Also what are the important equipment I need to purchase. I have a budget of 200k and heat press(8 in 1) , vinyl cutter, printer, vinyl, plotter print are on the list. Any advice from those familiar in this field?

Good idea and what after election will you close the business

Nope, if you undertand what I typed, it’s not only focused on elections although that will be a big boost. I am focused on building a brand and diversifying.

Start small…pole pole and you will get to learn more about the sector. …remember this rule just invest a third of your capital. Inject more capital as you grow.

I just started diversifying. I do various types of branding and graphics. I brought in a contour function vinyl cutter. That’s better than the one without a contour function. Get that one.

Also are you creatively oriented? You’ll stand out from the crowd hugely, since I see a lot of shitty designs, pathetic color coordination etc, it’s laborious for a lot of people to use their creative muscles in branding. But oh well, branding is very diverse and all you need is the tools, and you’re good to go, so few clients do care for that extra touch.