Brand new public transport NYS buses grounded.

true, and guys brag the way they ‘legally stole’ wanajiita wajanja

Wamepewa for certain? Jewish contract inajengwa na multiple players Kibaki style to make sure it is competitive. Sio CRBC ipewe project mzima.

Nimeona Red Line bado iko early construction stages. Are you 100% certain China has been qualified to provide coaches?

More than 20 sgr trains are being used as spare parts. Train tyres are being made at the NMC, one train caught fire, that project will embarrass the state in the next coming year

so that it can they can officially eat 20 billion yearly without any question, because every financial year it will be allocated money just like the other parasitatals

We shall point fingers and shoot down people bit never accept that we luck good will managers.
Anyone appointed will take the opportunity to fleece the government.
We just do not have trust worthy people and systems. With a good manager and system, managing 27 buses is not as difficult as its being put.
There are always idden interests in everything, making all projects difficult to handle.