brake pads

Which are the best brake pads to use on a Toyota Allion/Premio?

Is Asimco reliable?

Asimco brake pads ziko sawa for that class of vehicles.

Hapo sawa. Asanti sana

I have used advics for a while now on a Toyota Allion


toyota advics. you get 40000km from it. otherwise if you can get jfbk its good.

Asimco hata ukiuziwa genuine, hua zinatoa Moshi after a few Kilometers. import from Toyo and or OEM from
Or choose your car of choice.

I concur, zinatoa vumbi ya black that corrodes the alloy rims if not washed off regularly

Zinapatikana wapi?

Kirinyaga road “Gems auto”

Brembo brake pads but since I know OP well, I would just advice Asimco brake venye @Karoga amesema

With Ototeq you get more than double that mileage, they got some good ceramics on them, so hakuna vumbi.