Brainless socialite


I think you are also brainless for giving her the attention she wants.

Why would you take a screenshot without the said mpesa balance…then what’s the difference between wewe na yeye? …and why even post this?

Kîhîî ya pilsner uko na umatako sana

Brainless k’i;hii ni wewe giving the social media hoe the attention she wants. Her mission is complete now and you are the moron who completed it.

Huna akili wewe mama mzee

Right. He is zero brained where is the said massive backside

@ChifuMbitika lately naona umespostpone using your upper faculties. I understand that is a requirement for all UDA sheep

Tofauti ya Amberay na wewe ni nini?

How much was the balance ?


Hapa ningetarua taru taru kama ningemjua kabla akue goro goro ya plastic[ATTACH=full]445497[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]445498[/ATTACH]