Brainless Cameroonians Still Want Paul Biya (91) To Vie For Another Term Despite Reigning From 1982

Brainless Cameroonians still want their fossil President to vie for another term

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He still very young like baba

Have some mercy on them bwana
Utapata kwa ground huko vitu ni kama hapa kwetu
Alafu utaskia ame re-electiwa na 90% landslide vote

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By now you should know that the “masses” are his family, friends, and lackeys.


Don’t forget his sluts, remember how Sally koskei weeped when moi lost power , I wonder what she was doing to him in the big white house bed

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Must be his slay queen wife pushing him. Ama alipata new catch? Cameroonians need to do what crocodile and co did to Mugabe

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Brainless Americans Still Want Biden (91) To Vie For Another Term

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100% you are right.

You wrote that thinking that I will bulge because you include Americans in your sentence, BIDEN SUPPORTERS ARE STILL BONOBOS.

i BASH all races. Negros, Crackers, Ching chongs, Chilli Munchers, Everyone


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Touche :green_emoji:

Hii chokora
Ikinifanya Deputy
Nailisha ricin

Huyo mzee ni corrupt dictator who lives in Belgium so obviously according to his cooked figures mass majority of his citizens want him. :joy:

Wouldn’t be surprised if he died and they picked his son to continue