Boyz II Men Expensive tickets

They were undoubtedly the best group during their prime. Why should we pay a premium when they are way past their prime

Hii ni ya wazee hukumbuka

:D:Dairline tickets ni ngapi? tujue kama watakwama kibich

Typing from a single room in pipeline


From experience with these kinds of events, they will probably show up at 1AM and give a lacklustre 30-45 minute performance before leaving. Saa hiyo you’ve been knocking back overpriced booze and snacks since 6PM. By the way Kenyans love these washed up has-been artists. Unless trends have changed in recent years I expect that place to be packed.

They are sold out by ze way…

Hii song ilikuwa inamalisa mimi…

hawakuwa wanne?

Old money

Naskia ma BOYZ FROM KAYOLE pia wame nunua hizo tickets :white_check_mark: … Looks like wata kua bizz mbaya…

hii ni ya birrinares genz hawawezi elewa, tuesday naendea vip ticket yangu

Si story na kua birrionaire. Thing is are you getting value for your money?

You were simping

…boring songs.

Terribly man.
I was smitten banae…
Anyway I leant my lessons coz I was very young then.

Regular -8K
VIP -15K

Naingia youtube n stream the videos bila stress

Hahaa, yeah. Naski wasee washabuy tickets zote za VIP


Hio price ya regular tickets Kshs. 8,000.00 ndio wanaeza jaribu kulipisha for VVVIP wakiwa huko Yues. Itakuwa ngumu pia, labda $55.00 = Kshs. 7,250.00. :D:D:D

yes kuona legends live on stage is better than drinking 3 bottles of black label na kungurus kwa bar ulipe bill 20k