Boychild BS

Most of you think that Cyprian Nyakundi is your savior, but I will give it to you straight, it is just bullshit. People against slay queens and all have very little grasp of how this game works. As long as men continue to desire women who are out of their league superficially, slaying will always be a business, whether men like it or not. Tired and old looking men with beer-bellies or even young men with below average looks have to compensate with cash to get a hot girl’s attention. You will never hear a young, handsome and energetic man complaining of slayqueens because he gets the slayqueen’s pussy, broke or not. I know this will rub many guys here the wrong way, but it is the truth. Deal with it.

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Mjinga ghasia

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One way or the other, relationships are symbiotic in nature.

The man dishes out cash, the lady reciprocates with pu**y.

Relationships are largely superficial. Period. Cash comes in if one partner is superficially inferior, and it goes both ways. Even old fat women pay for dick from young men…they have to compensate for their lower superficial value. How much people pay to compensate depends on the difference in their superficial value. Men yap about slay queens without taking time to examine where they rank in terms of looks. Very little cash gets exchanged if both the man and girl are at the same level superficially…which explains why campus guys bang their classmates at a zero or near-zero budget. Same goes to employees (same organization) in the same age group.

Kipii heshimu wazee

Sasa umetusi huyo jamaa kwa nini…wewe ni mwaganuu sana

Uko na point

On point

As you have proven many times over that you cannot think to save your life, once again always acknowledge source.

Haki mtaniua siku moja