Boychild Anadai Za Bangi

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:rofl: :rofl:wueh…poverty is bad…



Mkamba mjinga @PERDITION nunulia mtoto bangi

Akanyal crik kama si crit

The level of wealth inequality in this world is cartoonish. Even the most fridge cartoonist, and fictional writers from 100 years ago could not have fathomed the type of society we live in today. There is a class of human in these world that are basically gods. in a few years, they will have technology to live up to 500 years, thanks to all the research going on. one day soon we will have demi gods living 1000 years and it will just be acceptable that it is how some people live their lives.

Mzee kumbafu ajabu. Once again, kama huna pesa, apana zalisha watoi wakuje watandikwe na life.


That ain’t never gonna happen, life expectancy will continue to drop as our environment continues to degrade & numbers explode especially in africa & the tech available is nowhere near from being able to make functional human organs to replace worn down ones [which is the only logical way to extend life physically], otherwise if ur 50 and above uko extra time…

Yes for the average people, life expectancy will hit a ceiling. But advances in machine learning and statistics means rich people can predict to the week when they will die of natural causes. it is only a matter of time before we here of a healthy 120 year old and a man in the 150s getting married to his new bride. Seems strange right now but longevity treatment is more advanced that you can imagine.

Many scientists today classify old age as a disease. There is no specific reason why one should die at a specific age, yet we still die

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sasa hii ndio premium content.sio zile dellusions of grandeur za @applebee100 venye anataka kukuja Kenya Malindi kuskia poa after kuosha makunyi za tunyanye pale US as a nursing assistant