Boy wetu Jaguar pale Starehe

Habari ndio hii. Just hope hatasau yule jamaa alikua hapo nje akilia in his support


Old newsl

Boniface won’t like this !

Wasicheze na Jubilee.

Disputes are handled in a legally sound manner and the verdicts are there for all to see. 1st. respondent, Kamanda, was given a chance to rebut Jaguar’s allegations but failed. No wonder he was trying to ‘negotiate’, which I suspect would have involved the old wolf promising the young cub some cuts of meat he could later claim he was unable to deliver, the way JaKuon screwed ka-Wiper on the CORD MoU.

Wapi hio rink, niliona akilia “haki jaguar usikubali” nikasema it is difficult small.

Another machozi mp


That crying guy’s clip was heart-rending and I can understand how bitter they were.

They were worried that a political dinosaur who had forced the under-performing Politics 1.0 candidate PK on the Nairobi voters had somehow grabbed Jaguar’s victory at the last moment. Had they not protested immediately and raised a ruckus at HQs, Kamanda would have gotten away with it.

Iko wapi hio clip?

Jaguar explains:

He sounds like Okoth Kalatas, but 1000 times more effective.:D:D:D:D

Angalia news ya 9,clicking ulisema hautambui.

Lee muchiri was also apparently “kujifichiwod” by waihenya…Nani ako na update za roysambu constituency?

Updates from Laikipia pia ni nderitu amepewa cert? Someone confirm


Kamanda kwisha

Kama ulikua umeona ni sawa.kujoa sasa ulale

Seeking sympathy

I fear for Uhuruto, by trying to practise this thing called democracy they have robbed themselves off good marshalls. Training takes time even if they manage 200mps they will have no strategists.

If the so called strategists are any good. They should know when their time is up…and in anycase if they are that good…the people would have nominated them…ama?