Boy wa putin ameingia battlefield

Cannon fodder


Huyo ni frontline straight. He will be used to block NATO’s missiles with his face.


They will kill him dead


Si uende you launch that missile. Oh almighty nato keyboard soldier.

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Rustlers tuko nyuma ya boy wa Putin @Lord_Wanaruona

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Si ni facts

Of course, from you point of view if you are of that school of thought. I wont attempt to convince you otherwise if you are so inclined. Im merely asking @Simiyu22 to act appropriately. He has understood what I have told him.

Nope. I will watch the war from my keyboard. I didn’t start it. I didn’t support it.

Mtu aweke gore images zake afew weeks from now…

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Malizar huyo munyeeto

Nice. How can we also volunteer tusaidie msito Putin?


What the…!

Ati you didn’t support it! @Simiyu22, indeed you thieves have no honor amongst yourselves. Because things now aint going your way unajikata? Ati you didn’t support it!

Was it not you? You were here grovelling at yukranians feet, laying yourself supine in joska, one leg towards tower of london and the other towards the statue of liberty yelping to be shafted by european white bois so that they could get energy to defeat putin, and kill 300k russians.

Halafu sasa ati you didn’t support it. Fock you man. Watch your white gods get demoted to mortality. And watch yourself, or better yet, get yourself back to your fav supine position. Your white gods will need their dicks lathered in consolations after we are done with them in the donbass.

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Calm down mboss. There will be no winner in this war. Just like I told you a the beginning, when you were a war monger.

Man! You are exasperating!

Boss uliwacha kulipia malaya fees?

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Enda ukaulize nyanyako…she’s the last one i was with