Boy Child Otunga

Angeambiwa atafutiwe msichana mzuri hapa kakamega, cristabel nafula, hangekubali. Anataka mang’aa. Na cristabel anapiga duster nyumba mzima vizuri and she has good morals and strong child bearing hips. Angekuwa na 4 boys by now. And she doesn’t want his millions, a packet of jogoo will do, thank you very much.


Nkutumie knock kneez zangu:D:D

:D:D:D:D sawa. We will “un knock” them.

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:D:D:D:D:D:D sweet dreams

@Eng’iti Otunga’s father is from Kisii, but this bitches though, as @KaBuda says, let us all agree that one time your wife will cheat on you, the sooner you accept this fact the better.

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Yeah hes right from what his grandma told him. At some point in your life a woman has to dish that thing out Once, twice or multiple times… Na hio hapan taab. Taab ni kujua ametombwa njei

Sometimes you remind me why I love you.:D:D:D

She was seeing someone else as well.

@Bakayaro! This girl is something else I tell ya. Can’t put it in words.

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You have really tried to sound Luhya but its a FAIL!

Love you more!

Tsk tsk tsk…poor Otunga. He strikes me as a good man.

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Tunasema mara kwa mara kama ulilelewa gichagi ukakuja Nairobi kufanya kibarua, avoid hawa waschana wa Nairobi, bibi ni kienyeji product from the countryside.

:D:D:D She strays once in a while…but she comes back!

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As for Otunga…he should just enjoy life now. Protect his wealth & invest for him & his daughter. Don’t rush into anything for a while - date different women, take his time & his pick…and sign a prenup incase he does something stupid in future.

I really feel for kids in divorce man…

It’s Otonga ama Otunga ?