Boy child discrimination chronicles apo driving test.

About a year ago I went for my driving test at Karen police station and learnt some lessons. With the right set of boobs you can access many things in life without even breaking a sweat. Tulikuwa tumejazana apo ka lorry ya Heltz taking turns for the test with this traffic police officer na very heavy accent. The instructions were simple weka the lorry into 2nd gear, maintain a straight line on the road, stop when instructed and put the car in neutral and quickly get the ferk out. If you managed to follow these simple procedure , you got to walk away with a brand new BCE driving licence. Simple. Hiyo siku niligundua Kuna watu na kiherehere na ujuaji, msee after clearly hearing a dozen times to get moving from 2 nd gear anaeka 1st ama sijui what gear…“Fail! Pumbaff toroka hapa” :D:D:D. Boys were failing for the slightest mistake and if you didn’t know how to work the system you were to schedule another driving test which will cost you money and time. Got in the car and did as was instructed and I was among the lucky guys to pass that day. The girls were being subjected to a whole different standard of testing, Yaani any mbich with a set of boobs was passing the test. The only bitch that failed was handsome looking  :smiley: :D. The worst was when this one mbich took the lorry completely off her side of the road and nearly into a ditch before the traffic guy struggled and managed to somehow stop the lorry safely. The mbitch passed!! After nearly injuring us peasants in the back of that lorry. Somehow i swear that mbich couldn’t differentiate between the steering wheel and the indicator.

My fat friend aliambiwa live, “…wewe huwezi pita na hii kitambi. Lazima ugharamike”… despite having passed the test. Namchekeleanga hadi leo. He had to part with 1k:D

At least you did the test. There are many drivers on our roads who haven’t been to a formal driving school

boobs means good life. Unless you’re a man, then boobs means you’re unfit.

Mimi niliingia pale Aqra driving school and told the lady najua kuendesha. She just asked for my details na 5k…I got my licence 1 week later…In Kenya, lipa tu before uende test and don’t go to a big driving school…Utaangushwa for no reason and will be more expensive

When are NTSA and cartels going to launch this new DL?

Wee wimugurukuu mayao

When NTSA take over these tests watu watalia.

hakuna kulia nyama itakuwa imetoka kwa mdomo moja ikaenda kwa ingine

So I step in kwa lorry ata before I lift the HB lever pale kasarai, traffic asha uliza Kama najifundisha Ku drive ndio ntoe bro wake kwa biz ya kuendesha uncle moody? But he is unapologetic coz pia jamaa ajai tuma kitu substantial nyumbani. Nilipitishwa mbio mbio