Please add.Whose your favorite? Mine is Evander Holifield.[ATTACH=full]115582[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]115583[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]115584[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]115585[/ATTACH]

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Is it for pinks only?

Boxing fans.

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Aha, ok. Am not a fan of boxing. For me WWE

If you’re a pugilist fan then go search for an ancient black american boxer called John Arthur “Jack” Johnson they say he was one of the best boxers…

Pound for pound the greatest boxer
sugar ray robinson
Record: 173-19-6, 108 KO
Years Active: 1940-1965
Championships: World Welterweight, World Middleweight (5X)


Gloves were not padded then. A blow/punch had the desired effect…nomaaa

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Conflicted between Sugar Ray Robinson and Mike Tyson.

The later won his first world title at just 20 to become the youngest holder of the world heavy weight champion while the former had one of the longest unbeaten streaks in history at 91 consecutive wins.

Both have an impressive list of first round knock outs and a large ratio of KOs/wins

Another person that is not given the credit he deserves in Mayweather. He has one of the best defensive skills in the box though he is overlooked due to his personal lifestyle as well as due to the fact that people like aggression compared to defensive play but he still remains the greatest fighter of the last decade.

I will now leave safisha macho material of your favorite boxer’s favorite boxer- Vasyl Lomachenko. Very smooth moves


Gerrarahia…mine is Lennox Lewis.

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Mike Tyson and Marvelous malvin Hagler

Hagler, Roy jones, Ali, Frazier, Tyson, Frank Bruno, Lennox, De La Hoya, Rocky Marciano, etc. The list is very long.


I can see you are a true boxing fan

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sugar ray is thee best ever

Which one? Robinson or Leonard?

Robinson for me.

Peasants tune in to Ace TV. Kuna boxing documentary airing now

iron mike the best ever