Boutique Cigarette Manufacturing

Najua hapa Kuna wazito wengi what licensing would one need to start manufacturing cigarettes in the country ama cigars.

Si kwanza lazima ujue kutengeneza?

Hiyo usijali tayari kutengeneza tuna jua ata ku roll cigar tuna jua. Kama wewe niwa nyanza lazima unajua how to ferment tobacco leaves.

such businesses lazima uwe na political patronage.
ukianza fwaaaaa utajipata KRA NEMA KEBS NCAA KENHA wote wamekuvamia

Hapo sawa. Unaweza kuwa open to a partnership?

Why not will depend on the details lakini hapa kwa regulations ndio Kuna kizingumkuti though najua KRA wako na license coz it’s an excusable good.

Niaje mhindi Mwitu?

Ukumbuke kupatia kina jayden share yao kwanza. Uliza keroche about competition wakueleze.

Niaje uwesmakende

Researching nime pata Philip Moi tried with his cut tobacco limited and Horseman brand but bado system ili mfira aka wacha. Main question is if we can have small time alcohol manufacturers why not tobacco. If I can make mbaki why not standardise it into the formal market.

Read on cigarette companies cartel ndio utajua kwanini mbaki bado iko kwa mgomba ndani ya kiosk and not in fancy tin cans in stores. Its a cut throat yet profitable niche

I would have thought Philip Moi is part of “the system”?

ama aliitwa kabarnet gardens akaambiwa ateremshe suruali akawekwa viboko.
hapana taka kazi ya walevi

Highly likely, BAT, Phillip Morris and co will out muscle you, @BadaLingam

This I am cognizant of my question or why I was pondering on this was because in asian countries they have very many local options why is that only in Africa this kind of competition is shunned.

I don’t think it’s being shunned. But everyone wants monopoly of that market. And will do anything to maintain it.
Take EABL and Keroche for example. The former would buy off the latter’s products and dispose then break bottles etc.

isn’t that what coke did to softa soda

Supermatch was a success and what have you

Cigarette business is a highly regulated industry with competitors with money to throw away and influence. They have the highest level of govt in their pocket. Shisha was banned because of their power there is no way small timers will have breathing room to eat into their marketshare. There are barriers put intentionally to make it hard for competitors to join this industry…license fees will be in the millions of dollars plus taxes will be high that you cannot break even unless you are selling to the mass market.