Bournemouth 3-3 Everton

No doubt this was the game of the weekend. Before the game Everton were the favorites and by half time they were already leading by 2 goals. Everything was going okay for the toffees until the 80th minute when Bounemouth got their first goal. What followed in the next 15 minutes was pure drama. Everton decided to lay back and protect their 2-1 lead. However this strategy failed as Stanislas Baratheon made it 2-2 with 3 minutes to go.

The game opened up with both teams seeking to grab the late winner. Anyone who scored at that time was surely going to win it. The goal came in the 5th minute of extra time with Barkley making it 2-3. Everton fans celebrated so much that even some fans jumped into the pitch to celebrate. That over celebration was going to cost them because they wasted so much time that more time has to be added on and when the game restarted, Stanislas Baratheon made it 3-3 with a powering header. It ended 3-3. A good game of football that was. Everton fans were furious at their team for throwing away a 2 goal lead. A lot of good people lost money on that game. Watch the highlights in HD here

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aki hii game vile ilinitenda…enyewe mpira hudunda

Terrible weekend for gamblers.
Sport pesa and others must have made a killing.


i had too much mixed emotions within a span of two minutes one extremely happy when barkley scored was over the moon then boom!!! came back crashing


Betway wamenikula 200 so far.:mad:

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what a match

Cost me 2 points in the KTalk fantasy league :mad: and hindered my quest to be double-digits clear of the competition by January


Cost me points kwa prediction and cash kwa betting.What a lousy weekend!I tried even to place my tem loyalty aside and back Tottenham for the first time but WAPI!!!

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@xuma umepitwa na @Okiya :smiley:

Congrats Bros nakuvulia kofia kwa kuweka pengo kati yetu.

these are the games that make betting companies very rich
kwanza halftime bets. unaona 2-0 unajua baaaas…come fulltime unalia kama waiguru

Hawezi nipita.Tumedraw on 112 but I don’t understand why he @Okiya is being rated ahead of me! For crying out aloud I have bet less games than him.He should be behind me!:mad::mad::mad:…:confused:

hii kitu ni ratrace… mimi niko na games less sana but siteti

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More points during the week maybe? Or more perfect predictions (3 points)?

@vuja de maybe.

The weekend was full of surprises.