Bounty Hunters

I’m watching this series on YouTube and wondering if we have such a system in Kenya. A business offers to put up bail for offenders against a security asset and if the offender skips court wanamtafuta hii Kenya yote. Or professional bounty hunters who work alongside D- in hunting down wanted criminals to claim bounty reward. If so, is there a law defining such a sector?

Ghasiaa untaka kuja Kapedo kushika rustler’s and have ur last dance with the devil. If you wanna play the devil’s advocate … Then by all means; enjoy the party.

It only works because hapo the bond company is allowed to post 10% of the bond to set you free. So they pay that to court and charge you that as a fee. If you don’t show up, you lose that 10% fee and your freedom.

If someone feels like dancing with the devil, it’s their music.

By all means.

Si huku you can agree with the plaintiff to also charge 20% fee above the set bail and collateralize it. Akihepa collateral inakunywa maji na kumtafuta kama ghaseer

Ubaya kesi za Kenya ukimbia 10 years. So their capital will be tied for that long. So their 20% charge is 2% annualized. Not worth it.

Can always work in a time frame in the contract for full repayment. Works on a desperation measure not to be incarcerated

Capitalist System, its only in few countries

Kumbe baafrika hufanya hii kazi pia. Thought it was just white trash like these ones.

Can be introduced here kama sole loans za nduthi hazieleweki

Following keenly

Unajua huku na Kenya are two different societies and therefore implementing such would pose some challenges. US is a high trust society while Kenya is a low trust society, so many things can go wrong. Or unless if it happens, there should be a laid down law and rules and regulations defining such to avoid the implosion of other issues all together