boulevard of broken dreams......yours is a hit or a miss?

Its friday and the village iko slow wacha niwachangamshe kidogo…remember ukiwa mtoi how you wanted to become a doctor or a pilot? well how are you faring on now? ambition or dreams everybody has them but just like a mirage they keep shifting or moving and getting revised from time to time due to many factors ,circumstances, environment ,ability and above all reality. In dreamland you can be whatever you want and everything is possible even becoming the plesident. Then teenagehood happens hormones everywhere and wrong priorities then you realize you suck at chemistry and biology so the doctor dream goes up in smoke, you are non starter in mathematics and physics pilot dream soon follows suit. You lean towards social sciences you score a modest grade and proceed to a modest college where you study a mass journalism course. Here you continue fucking up wrong company keg and smoking hay for the four years you graduate with a credit and off to the job market.
Then there are those people with talent this are the people i envy because they actually get paid for what they actually love or enjoy doing am talking about sportsmen, politicians, businessmen,entrepreneurs and the likes. They earn top dollar from their passions. personally my dream is a great miss by miles

I remember in high school I had a fascination with biotechnology. I know there was in interest in the field but Im not sure I ever saw it as a career.
By the time i was in campus, i was more interested in become a network systems administrator. After graduation, I wasnt that into IT…i veered off into trying to be an entrepreneur. In the end I learnt that when I dont want to work for anyone. Im pretty much there…

Wanted to be a pilot, at this rate maybe get married to one so I will be one with a pilot :D:D:D:D

I wanted to be a photojournalist, I even owned one of those Kodak film cameras that used to be sold at ksh 999 but many factors intervened and I veered towards a different path. Now photography is a hobby I only engage whenever I can.

he’s right here amongst us, inbox him… @KUNGU THE PILOT

I am not sure when the idea of being a snitch hit me but I guess my interest in snitching was given a boost after seeing the @introvert osungu.dll Tata truck and being a student of mzee @gashwin English class…

Boss, @mukuna how can you dare say that with a straight face? When did you start attaining the daily shower target?

@KUNGU THE PILOT kam kiasi

No thanks, niko na pilot wangu already :D:D:D:D:D:oops:

we know what his target has always been since class 6, conducting pH tests on 2-3 different women every Friday:D:D

My target has always been to shower atmost once per week,things have worked out my way so far.


Porcupine marinator? :D:D

No my peasantry level has never been so low…but I get your obsession with his hide quarters

A mega miss man.
I started out as any boy my age would, with an intention to be a pilot.
I was told then I had to score all As of 80-90 in primary school std8 to join Mangu High. I missed math by 6, exceeded science by 7…
Then I found myself in a school I hated. Throw hormones in the mix and I was very successful at failing in any and every positive thing.
By then I had morphed into an aspiring architect. Sadly this went up in smoke when I missed JAB’s cut off by 0.1. I had 46 points while admission was 46.1.
Again the hatred spiral resumed. I would attend lectures at will, miss most C.A.Ts but never got a supplementary. I escaped campus with only one intention, to survive out there. It was one year later that I heard about electronic trading and thus far it promises to redeem my unrealized dreams from a net worth aspect.

nichanue mzito nami pia ni redeem my net worth, niko chini zaidi ya sole ya kiatu kwa net worth aspect


Naahh!! Pilot wa mahelicopter za nguvu :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D…bure kabisa!

we sail in the same boat halafu the following year JAB lowered the entry by two fucking points!