Boujee Nairobi. Ktalk chokoraa have never been this confused


International students. Crowd ya usiu, brookhouse etc

Can’t relate

Why do these boujie chicks always have to wiggle and twindle their fingers like African American women in sitcoms when talking?

I mean, loosing your African accent is one thing, but embracing non verbal expressions from other cultures makes you look like a retard.

Best restaurant? Kamakis.

@King Robert Baratheon types

From this video and the number of Hijabs, it is now clear that Kenyan Somalis have replaced Indians as the 2nd wealthiest Kenyans.

Somalis now own most of river road , isilii and most of South C,Nairobi South. Somalis are slowly taking over Westlands from the wahindi.

So the list is :

  1. White settlers - delamere, Leakey , ranchers, land owners, coffee ,tea etc

  2. Somalis - business owners, merchants, traders, politics etc

  3. Indians and Pakistanis - traders, construction etc

  4. Black bonobos - hawkers of imported Somali goods, perpetually poor. Not yet uhuru.

Subjective views

@Jimit anatambua kibandaski j&j tu

Within 20 years there might be a Kenyan President of Somali origins.

Somalis control bunge, security, law e.g Ahmednasir… even Ministry of Finance, more or less.

Somalis are also among the most educated Kenyans and they are buying up Kenyan land like nobody’s business.

2500 nilitumia pale fogo gaucho bado huniuma…guess i will never know the restaurants they have mentioned let alone setting my foot there

Are you saying speaking with the hands is a purely African American thing?

:smiley: Acha sisi peasants tustick na kibandaski, ugali, skuma na wadudu, 70 bob

No. Not at all. However, in some cultures hand gestures are more pronounced during normal speech. Italians are known for this, ditto African Americans.

@Jimit the type of ninja kuuliza hawa madem so when are you free baada kuambiwa I already have plans for this weekend :smiley:

Future single moms and cum dump.

Skuma na nini!?!!??? :D:D:D:D:D

Ati Somalis control law because of Ahmednasir??? :D:D

It’s like saying Kisiis control criminal law because of Cliff Ombetta.

Kwa Atieno/night pale Burma unlimited ugali , mboga kienyeji na ngege at 300kshs. Kenyatta market Kwa Njoro nyamchom ngima/ugali na gathufu at 500 per head, ungems Kwa nyawire ugali, Mrenda fried in cream and kienyeji chicken pieces. Langata Kwa Chela ugali, saget and mursik costing 300. Calif Mpambe Biriani and Pilau full damages 240-300, 10th Street Kwa ashetu mborana Anjera, Ciro, arosto and other northern Kenya/Ethiopian delicacies damages 400 Bob, Biashara street Kwa stall Matoke special 200 Bob, last but not least behind Loita house Kwa Mathee chapo mbili, dondo 100 Bob, The ultimate Kenyan experience. Hizi imported taste zina wenyewe.

Those restaurants may look and sound fancy but we all know what they sell to minimize thier costs; preserved foods, recycled deep frozen foods and almost past sell by dates foods. I mean look at Ranalos (sp) and ask yourselves where did he make the millions from before going busrt? The kibandaski or the CBD ?
If you want fresh Kenyan foods we can recommend several places:
Choma: Kamakis eateries
Pork choma: GreenSpot Kamakis
Fish: Aereva Caterers along Dunga Road Industrial area.
Biriani; Mombasa Raha Restaurant Mlolongo.
Deep Fried Chicken: fast foods restaurant in cbd
Kienyenji chicken: Burma Market.