Bottoms up economics. Can it work? No. Ni uwongo mtupu

UDA is genius. They know that millions of Kenyans have been marginalized and only a few people at the top ( elites is the more politically correct description but dynasties is actually the better description) are enjoying the best of Kenya. Unlike kitambo when people didn’t have ways to see how the rich in Kenya live, today thanks to social media, everything is there to see. So UDA knows that marginalized Kenyans are resentful of their station in life and that they want to move on up. So they come up with Bottoms Up economic approach to excite voters.
Notice that UDA doesn’t really give raw numbers of what they plan to do to effect their bottom up economic approach. They just promise mama mboga na jamaa wa boda that they will get help.
I’m telling you it cannot work. Because hakuna pesa. Almost 100% of the money the country generates in taxes end up in salaries of government workers and paying loans. Pesa za kuinua mtu wa chini zitatoka wapi? If anything they need to tax people more to stop relying on IMF to cover the difference between the budget and tax revenues.
The real Hustlers must assemble their best minds and let them seat down with these UDA leaders and find out exactly what they mean by Bottoms Up economics.

If I was to run for president I would campaign on reducing the size of government and promise the voters that the savings garnered from reducing the number of MPs and MCAs and civil servants will be used to cancel the many business licenses and fees Kenyan traders are tortured with. Most Kenyans want Punguza Mzigo and know that government employees underwork. You go to a government office and guys are just seated there doing nothing

Trickle up economics?

apparently plot ni to loot from taxes then return it to church ndo wanaanchi waombe for prosperity and blessings

Brilliant post. Class envy is fueling all this discontent, all over the world. They think that capitalism has failed and it’s high time for communism. Ruto is a communist! Guys are looking to China for inspiration. Well, it all sounds good on paper but the reality is different. Ask the Cubans.

Professor Munavu na Njuguna Ndung’u watawaeleza vizuri muelewe, wakati ikifika. Ata owners wa capital wakielewa mpango wa Ruto wataiunga mkono. Ruto sio communist. Ruto anasema kwa ufupi, wananchi mashinani wakiwa empowered, watakuwa na uwezo wa kununua maziwa ya brookside, kununua services za safaricom, kununua products za simba cement, na uchumi utakuwa vizuri zaidi. Shida ya sasa ivi, izo companies zote zinakuwa forced kuuzia serikali ndio zipate pesa, sababu wananchi hawana hela. Inabidi companies kubwa kubwa zifanye juu chini zipate tender za kusupply government ndio zisurvive. Kwa government ya Arror, ni mwananchi first, then mwananchi akiwa na pesa izo companies kubwa kubwa si zitagrow tu naturally bila kulazimika kufanya biz na government?
Ivi leo company ya viatu ya Bata huwa forced kubribe headmasters, ndio wafanye wanafunzi kuvalia viatu za bata, sababu wazazi hawana pesa, hawawezi nunua bata bila kulazimishwa. Lakini kama serikali itashughlika na kuempower mwananchi wa chini, hustler, then bata itakuwa na sales mingi zaidi bila kubribe mtu yyote

Ruto is not a communist. He’s just playing the hustler’s card to get more votes.

Ruto is not development minded. He believes in blinding the masses by paying for eye closure.

On the day Ruto will be concerned about development and the country, Yesu atarudi.

How will he empower hustlers?

professor munavu na team yake wataeleza nyinyi. kuweni wapole. game bado changa.

Its all rhetoric and hogwash. Ati tuta-empower mama mboga, hawkers, watu wa mutura etc etc. Give details how you will empower these 2 mama mboga wa kiambaa now that they voted UDA.

I guess they will have more sales after Ruto becomes president.

Just like that boda boda rider will have more customers after 2022.

kaeni kitako mkatwe pembe. mnawezaje kuwa na pesa na power na system na bado mnapata aibu ivo nyumbani?

isokei tumesikia.

Beg to differ.
Grand corruption justice and impunity is what is fuelling discontent all over…whenever guys go on rampage or protest its all about ‘haki yetu haki yetu haki yetu’ whens the last time you heard down with capitalism on african shores?
All everyone is justice, order, respect and equal application of the law, equal opportunity bla blah blah.
Bottom up economics is very possible all it takes is commitment.

Economics theories by a politician.

Vyenye tu imesemwa apo juu. All good on paper but kwa ground mambo ni different

Maybe we will be forced by uncle Machos govt. to use the bodabodas instead of ma3 and buy mboga cha lazima.

It’ll be good for hospitals and insurance, most motorbike guys have an impressive amount of mediocrity.