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Extreme poverty is defined as living on or below 1 dollar sasa kenya with rampant corruption people are realy suffering i was passing somewhere in kenya and people are very poor mpaka hadi unawahurumia aki i dont think our mps governors will ever go to heaven wacha wakule hii ni mali ya dunia na wataiwacha tu hapa

The writer is wrong is his conclusions in the last 2 paragraphs. It shows he has no idea of how the economy works

Ephraim Njega has earned the respect of those who understand how the economy works. Infrastructure projects should pour money into the economy, not drain it. All the money for the project must go into buying local labour, local materials, local expertise. Projects zenu kenya labour inatoka china, simiti inatoka china, kwa project ya 100 billion ile pesa inarudi kwa uchumi ni vijana 1000 earning 1000 daily for 365 days io inakuwa only 365 million to the local economy, 99.6 billion to foreign countries

Poverty is eradicated by God

This here is what we’re calling Mental poverty.
You saying our MPs & Governors won’t make it to heaven and will leave everything here.
China made corruption a capital offense, you’re hanged.

Hapa kenya tukiweka corrruption a capital offence all our leaders will be hanged

Corruption in Kenya would benefit people but unfortunately the money goes to dead end things like buying cars, fundraising in churches and siphoned to overseas accounts.

Thank you.
@majizee unaskia,hata hizo nyumba za kanjo hazitasaidia kitu. Umeingia highrise,majengo na mbagathi?ni pesa inamwagika. SGR hatutaiona hio pesa hadi 20+years same with the new city roadKale ka mzungu kalisema tuwache kutengeneza malls na kanisa,hospitali zenyewe hazitoshi.revive dead factories and start from there…pyretrum,cotton,molasses,garments,sisal,fisheries…to name but a few that were killed through corruption…thats whats killing the economy,add in thieving retards for leaders and kenya remains a conundrum of sorts that wouldnt be solved ever

11298"]Ephraim Njega
Sani you are my brother from another mother who is A SHINE EYE.

Hapa i disagree to agree. A country needs to build say a critical bridge across a river. The country does not produce cement, does not produce steel, does not produce bitumen, does not have qualified engineers and technicians, etc. So how does the 99% of the CAPEX remain in the ecoomy??? Thats why you find that KRA hawatambui what you are doing. They will levy taxes on salaries, excise duty and import duty on imported construction materials, VAT, etc.

The main reason why govt builds infrastructure is to improve the business environment in the country, increase accessibility as well as for strategic security reasons. Ideally such infrastructure should have a lifeline of decades so that it serves he generation that built it as well as future generations.

Unajua zile tools central bank hutumia kufanya kazi yake?

Economy is built by investment in industry and trade with other countries. Kenya produces tea, processes and sells it to UK at a profit. This means that Kenya will earn foreign currency which it can use to pay China to build a bridge/road, etc. Keep constantly active in the tea industry and after a few decades Kenya will have built enough infrastructure and as a result industries are all over.

Sijui kaka bratha. Kindly educate me. [niko serious btw]

Everything was going good until he made this statement:

Our obsession with infrastructure as economic development must end. Infrastructure is not edible.
Economic development is only meaningful if it puts money in people’s pockets.

We lack and badly need infrastructure to develop. How we get them is another subject that can be discussed.
Household poverty cannot be eradicated when you are cooped within the same household.

We already know infrastructure includes transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems.
You cannot eradicate poverty if you lack them.

As a man, do you build a house for your family after you become rich, or you build it to become rich?

You build a house for you or your family whether rich or poor.

Now, how you define a house is relative.


People should watch this documentary to know how a country eradicates poverty
Education first-Light Industry-Heavy industries the rest follows

Under Arror hizo project zote. Zingine hata tukuona mchanga kama Arror Dam.

pesa ile kidogo Arror ameiba amewekeza kwa uchumi yetu, unlike ao wengine wenye uficha pesa yao Switzerland na places zengine