BOTTOM UP GOSPEL - where is the lie

forwarded to me - author un-known

"Nobody did this Bottom up thing better than Moi. The guy used to walk around with wands of cash. He meets you selling mahindi choma, he buys one at 1000, he meets a group of youths, he gives them 100k.

Schools used to close and take students to the roadside to sing for him. He would reach out and give them 100k…just like that.

Having grown up in poverty, he liked helping the poor. He thought the best way to do that was to dish out hard cash to the poor. Just the way you go to a national park and see baboons and throw packets of yoghurt to them and feel like you have saved the world.

The harm that Mois charitable way of solving economic problems will need about 50 year to undo. If we get another Moi through Bottoms Up gospel, it will be another 50 year mess"

Ojingaism is a curse.

Wads of cash have always been handed out by politicians and their envoys, Jubilee, Naswa, Uda makes no difference… your biasness in the matter stems from frustration that the Hustler gospel resonates with the masses.

:D:D:D:D… frustration ??? you are fighting imaginary enemies just like your hustler vs dynasty nonsense, but reality will dawn on you not more than 6 months after elections.

election promises are usually over-hyped , but a promise should be straight forward and auditable - eg “i will bring free education or remove this tax or regulation or introduce this law to achieve objective X” ,

not vague and abstract promises like “i will focus on the poor” how do you audit this ?

Unlike you I have a pessimistic view on politicians, all belong in the same whatsapp group.

However, I’ll be quick to call bull on their button men who try to whitewash their tribal lords.

I would advice you to go to David Ndiis twitter to understand what bottom up is,you clearly have no clue about what you are talking about

Si wewe unielezee basi, ama Ndii carries your brains ?
:D:D:D:D… i don’t need to go follow another man to get info which i can read from books, internet etc…
but if i was to go to Ndii’s twitter, i would expect him to give UDA’s action points that will implement the model.

The model is an end - what is the process?

that is why we are trying to fill in the gaps from what we see Ruto doing(we know him as a handouts man)

just tell me one policy/bill that Ruto has supported/sponsored/pushed for that will help us achieve the bottom-up approach.

And this is the bullshit path that Tanga tanga wants to drive us i.e - an intellectual definition of terms.

If you can explain how they are planning to drive this agenda, then we can have a worthwhile debate. not just definitions that we can look up in economic books.

the other key issue is the shifting of goals by Ruto, he now wants to drive the narrative that the “economic model” is the problem.

while we very well know, “corruption, cronyism, short-sided leaders” are really the problem.

example - if the ministry of transport will still be giving inflated contracts to connected politicians at the expense of more qualified, cheaper contractors , then i don’t see how an economic model(campaign slogans) will help us.