Bottom up approach explained

UDA releases its economic blue print


As a Muslim member of Ukweli Party this ad is noxious on several fronts.

I stopped at no.5

:D:D:D Ata kama ni kupaka hustler meffi, this is stupid propaganda buana. Wajinga kama @BBIsiMuhimu ndio wanaeza amini huu upus.

kuna video nimeona ya husler lieutenant Alice Wahome whom Ruto has confirmed will be the Minister of Trade explaining Bottom up economy on Citizen. nikajua Kenya will die under Ruto.

:smiley: ati land reforms, hii ghaseer haina aibu ju he understands how stupid kenyans can get, yaani anasema ye pekee ndio ataruhusiwa kuown more than 10 acres na utaskia bonobos cheering for him :smiley:

If these comments are anything to go by, then @sani and your ilk are going to be a very sad lot.

This fucker should lower taxes so as to woo potential investors. Who can run a factory in kenya with KPLC, KRA etc is salivating on your monies?

I stopped at no.2

Elders hapa wanaogopa kufikiria. William Ruto atatoa manifesto yake July 2022. Kama document imetengezwa na student amelipwa 527 bob na Edwin Sifuna ndio mnadiscuss hapa, then ii elders wa ii kijiji wamefail, hawana maarifa wala busara. Vitu fake zibaki huko twitter na Facebook

Captain shoga niliskia 2013 karibu upate heart disease kule RCB vile Uhuruto won. Sasa with your advanced age and your old man’s heart itakuwaje when UDA wins?? Ama Johntez mla mavi comfort you?


Much needed comic relief

Hehe elders hawataki single mums wapewe 20k p.m ndio waendelee kuwatumia kama tissue.

Is this for real?

Enyewe punda na wakenya,tofauti ni kidogo sana. Mudanganywe roundi ya kwanza then same person anangojea mumpigie kura na uwongo mupya? I hate this country:D

You don’t get the trick. Do you? He will sell all his grabbed thousands of hectares of land to the government during the ‘redistribution’ program and make billions of cash. He can later use the same money to invest in other sectors or re-buy land using proxies.

hakuna trick hapo, he’s testing how stupid we can get because he did the same 2017 na ile promise ya kujenga stadiums, he’s countering raila’s bbi move on the same land reforms, implementing such a law is practically impossible ju bill of rights secures your right to ownership, capitalism pia ensures everyone can own as much as money allows

I am not saying that he has it figured out but I just postulating the win-win situation he will be in whether he decides to implement the policy or not.