Bottled water business

What could go wrong if one were to buy bottled purified water in wholesale and resell to hawkers?

My shop is at the stage and I’m getting the 500ml bottles at Ksh 270-300 for 24 pieces - around 13 bob per bottle

I’d then resell to hawkers at 350 - 15 bob per bottle

There’s also 1 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre bottles with similar margins

I can also stock afya, soda, sweets etc

My goal is to have 100 hawkers that buy their stock on a daily basis

That’s a market with easy entry and its so crowded, I would suggest that you find a niche in it though i.e. supplying water to events

Find out where they buy from currently and at what price. You might be surprised that they buy at a cheaper price than your intended price.

Very ambitious target.
Hawkers are not the most trustworthy of individuals. If they see that whatever you are re-selling to them if fast moving they are likely to bypass you. Unaachwa na dead stock.

In theory seems easy but practicality yake utajua ni ngori

Licences ndizo huwa the major obstacle.

Go for Jugular, find out where they are buying and go and buy there…eliminate the middle man

kama uko mombasa na unaeza pea hawkers ikiwa baridi ni biashara poa, kama uko bara hakuna faida kubwa. small margin high volume business

The water might become “expired”


Too easy to enter…Enough said. Leave the business to hawkers. Close thread @administrator

I only buy brand names. Si zenye akina Thiongo wameundia karogocho. You never know what you are drinking when you buy from random hawkers by the rd side.

Provide value addition: e.g make lemon water for weight loss etc