Botswana earns billions from elephant hunting

[SIZE=7]Botswana opens elephant hunting season[/SIZE]

Botswana was due to open its hunting season as planned on Tuesday with 287 licenses to shoot elephants.

Botswana’s government issued 100 new elephant hunting licenses for 2021, in addition to the 187 from the 2020 season, which was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Most trophy hunters come from the United States, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, and travel restrictions have kept out other hunters from Europe.

Mbona huyo jamaa anakaa waititu?


So we also hunt ours, ama?

Hizi sports ya killing other animals for fun ni ujinga. Kill for food or clothing. Hio sawa. But ati just to kill?? Upuss!

Hata huko the yunaired states they are also having the Deer, Bear, bison, duck etc hunting season.

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August 23, 2021

wapigane nayo bila bunduki kama wanajiona wanoma

si watupatie sisi hizo wanyama tufungue animal zoo’s badala ya killing them.

There is a video online ya jamaa huko Botswana akipepetwa na a massive male jumbo kama doll. Apparently people tried to shout to warn him but the mofo was on the phone and had hearing problems so the bonobos started taking videos. [ATTACH=full]382187[/ATTACH]

they should have thrown stones @ him to get his attention if he had hearing problems, rather than taking videos, sometimes, people have to counter think other methods of getting someones attention.:D:D:D


sasa ukiwa kwa matha nature call kwa kichakaa na this animal appears, what would you do, na vitu tayari zinatoka, utakimbia au unaendelea na kumaliza kazi.:D:D:D

280 elephants died mysteriously in okavango ,poisoned water suspected,now they want to cull them from the latest count of 130,000 savanna elephants. Wataalamu wanasema hiozo numbets si mbaya kupunguza in regards to the surface area ya territory zao

If it’s for elephant population control ni sawa. Bora peasants, na @mbwakali za huko zipate nyama.

Nilikuwa birrionea lazima niende huko to hunt.

What happens to the tusks? Are they donated to the Chinese government for “research”?

Botswana, Zimbabwe and S. Africa have been selling ivory for ages.

@kah tony ako wapi atuelezee vile muzungu hupenda the environment, which bonobos don’t care about? All I see are albinos holding rifles.

We know you love kissing the asses of Mama Ngina and her stupid son. But promoting their family business of killing our elephants for ivory is going too far.

Not just elephants.

Kinyosi, do you listen only to the phone, thought you better