Both Ruto & Raila Are Unfit To Lead Kenya. One Is A Religious Conman The Other Is A Bad Manager

Kenyans had 4 choices for President in the last election. None of those 4 was qualified to be president. Let me undress each of them here in public.

His political career is tainted with numerous scandals going back to 1992. He has unquenchable thirst and appetite for land & maize and has been mentioned in the murders of numerous persons. He hides behind the Bible and quotes verses that his dense cockroach IQ followers quickly identify with and think that he is a holy man. He is eloquent just like all conmen and likes throwing numbers and figures around about things that he will [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]DO IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]RAILA
He is also not an angel sent by Nyasae to save Kenya. He has a fanatical following mostly in Nyanza and Western Kenya and in the slums of various big towns where the residents of those two former provinces reside, Kibera being his biggest support base in Nairobi. Despite him being an MP there for 2 decades sewerage and other essential amenities are things only seen in movies by those residents. He has failed to capture the top seat 5 times.

Sometimes he speaks the truth about what he will do when he gets the top job and ends up angering the Mountain People who are the main business people in Nairobi. He likes playing around with RENT matters and that is one of his downfalls.

Raila failed to manage his campaign team and many ended up unpaid and discouraged. In Some polling stations they were not even present yet Raila had all the government machinery under his wing through his drunkard brother from Gatundu.

I have nothing personally against this man but his downfall was trying to sell the Cannabis Idea to Kenyans. The Whiteman told Kenyans Cannabis is bad and so even the good medicinal properties of Cannabis become difficult to explain to shoe Sized IQ Kenyan chimps. Secondly Kenya has ZERO CAPACITY to manage commercial scale cannabis farming. If we can’t manage Maize or Wheat which are basically FOOD how can we manage millions of weed farmers. Kenya would quickly degenerate into a Mexico or Colombia of Africa with 2 years. Kwanza tuzitosheleze na Chakula then we can go into Medical Marijuana. There would be KESMSA like scandals in every village and murders would skyrocket as gangs protect their farms.

Kenya is a secular country. We don’t want to be governed by Pastors, Reverends, Sheiks or Imams. He should advance his conning career in the Church where the vast majority of dense LOW IQ sheep gather.

Saa zingine wachaga kusema ukweli. True especially hapo kwa Ruto na Raila

The last culprit should just continue parting sheep’s and their money . No tax they do you shopping , buy you cars ,give you their wives to do as you please kwa office za kanisa .what else do these fools want ?

Na kumbe kuna talkers wako na akili hii mtaa.

Just quote the source