Bostwana COVID-19 relief package from the govt of Botswana

In some countries the govt serves the people.[ATTACH=full]301605[/ATTACH]

Hio imeandikwa ‘shiny girl’ ni nini? Kaimati?

The country’s GDP per capita is the fifth best in Africa…higher than SA, Algeria and Egypt and 5times that of Kenya.
Population is only 2 million and they have been lucky to have good institutions and leaders

Iyo ni nyama

My bad!

hamia ghana ghasia hii

Ned stark nipatie sansa nikamue

@langatkipro you expect the government to bail us out na hio pesa walikopa waliiba. The money that they could have helped us they looted it. Saa hii the coffers are dry.
Hio pesa ndio watatoa time ya kampein.

@Stormtrooper98 don’t look at GDP…it’s better to use GDP per capita or even GDP ppp.

Yes, I checked the wrong country (Ghana). Your statements are correct.

add also HIV prevalence rate is at 30%

Ni homa tu. Pmtct ni muhimu lakini

You mean the entire population is equivalent to Nairobi county occupants alone?

both imf and undp are in agreement that the macroeconomic impact of HIV on Botswana is small…you can’t compare it to what poor leadership and corruption is doing to our country.

2 mirrion ni watu kidogo sana

sensible enough

Huko 7/10 wako na ukimwi

Botswana also has valuable mineral resource in the form of diamonds.
Add this to sensible leadership, right policies and working institutions you would have a great economy.

If people can have Ksh 4 million for mandazi and tea while people are suffering from corona and others dying from flood. What can wr expect as a county. So sad!

Kenya we need to go back to basics. What we never did in 1963 ndio inatukula. Everyone goes into politics to steal. We had a chance to correct it in 2008 but greedy politicians hijacked it.
The international community could have left us to fight for 100 days like Rwanda. Ndio watu waheshimiane. Hii upuzi ya tribal entitlement iishe. Saa hii tungekuwa tuna hold our politicians to account. Akiiba abebee msalaba kivyake.