Boris Johnson's Rollercoaster

Just like Drumpf…

[SIZE=7][B]Boris Johnson Lied to the Queen to Get Parliament Suspended, Court Rules[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]It’s also another loss for Johnson, whose brief time in charge of the country has been marked by one embarrassing loss after another. As well as losing his government’s majority in the House of Commons, he has lost six parliamentary votes, and his own Tory MPs have rebelled against him. His own brother quit his Cabinet, citing “love of country” over family loyalty. Despite all this opposition, Johnson and his Brexiteer allies appear intent on crashing out of the EU on October 31, with or without a deal[/SIZE][SIZE=7].[/SIZE]

what is this man doing? he’s another Trump but seemingly dafterer! Trump at least has some sense… and comedy

I repeat these guys acted out of hatred for globalization and bigotry , as usuall that emotion dies off. Now this is what you get. Orange head, yake iko motoni pia

The court of appeal in Scotland has ruled it was illegal kuvunja Bunge. Saa hii amekimbiza makende supreme court in London.
Ruling in Tuesday.

Boris and Tangerine are birds of a feather. Except that Tangerine has a slew of women who want to slice off his balls.

Britain are sitll hangover by their imperial past ! I wish for a no deal brexit ! I want it as messy as possible long queues, rotting produce in ports, shortages in shelves etc

just see how fast they are moving! recently some guys went to court to seek a ruling on the Kenyatta image and to stop the withdrawal of 1000 bobs. the deadline is fast approaching, adn no ruling.
huko majuu wiki moja and the ruling is out… AFRICA!!! continent chieth

What do you expect when we have a lazy CJ. Shida yetu ni dini. Maraga is worst than Benard chunga.