Bootable windows 10 disc/flash drive

Who can help me i am trying to burn a disc for windows 10 pro and the microsoft tool doesnt work. All DVDs burned dont work. they stop amid installation process and claim that the drivers the machine needs are missing. I have tried to use the microsoft tool to make a bootable usb stick but the process broke and the microsoft tool says it doesnt know what happpened. the usb stick is having a problem formatting. Who knows what to do with this microsoft chieth.

Jaribu hi:

Had the same issue last month and tried all tricks and nothing was working but out of no where just decided to change the CD Rom and everything ran smoothly to final installation.

You changed the burner drive or the installation drive?

Download a software called Rufus.exe to create a bootable usb if you .iso file is Good.

Just use Rufus and change the format MBR for maximum compatibility.

Rufus ndio baba yao

I put a hard drive with an OS installed in the new machine and used its drive to burn the windows. Then returned the blank hard drive and installed OS and it worked. I lost my money on the USB stick though because it cant format. its corrupt.

Use Rufus or yumi very easy …4gb flash drive

installation drive