Booked bet


Kuna vile siezi screenshot naona its good i share my bets through booked bet pale betin.
If you dont know how to access the booked bet: enda pale kwa betin top right corner kwa crate then load the code. Leteni maoni. My code is WTCJX.

Iyo design ni poa coz you dont have to rely on wannabe analysts but you get go see how wakenya wengine wana bet.

You can manouver through various bets by changing the letters eg WTCJQ WTCJW WTCJR…avoid vowels.

izo za win + over 1.5 ama 2.5 naogopa sana

Aya tupe yako

Ngoja kidogo nichambue

Write your reply…multi real ov2.5, manjesta GG

Valencia Gg
Bayern leverkusen Gg
Leicester over 2.5
Westham Gg
spartarotterdam over 2.5

wazi Duke, Wacha nicheki…

Basel II/Lausanne gg
Sion II/Cham gg
Njardvik/IBV GG

For now…

No. : 1
Game: 2050
Date: 10/03/18 15:30
Name: Manchester Utd-Liverpool
Odds: 1.50
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 2
Game: 3843
Date: 10/03/18 17:30
Name: Bayern Munchen-Hamburger SV
Odds: 1.20
Type: 1X2
Pick: 1
No. : 3
Game: 2554
Date: 10/03/18 18:00
Name: West Ham-Burnley
Odds: 1.25
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 4
Game: 3851
Date: 10/03/18 18:15
Name: Sevilla FC-Valencia
Odds: 1.30
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 5
Game: 4752
Date: 10/03/18 19:00
Name: Paris St Germain-Metz
Odds: 1.13
Type: 1X2
Pick: 1
No. : 6
Game: 4562
Date: 10/03/18 22:45
Name: Malaga-Barcelona
Odds: 1.08
Type: DC
Pick: X2
No. : 7
Game: 1027
Date: 10/03/18 20:30
Name: Chelsea-Crystal Palace
Odds: 1.06
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 8
Game: 4101
Date: 10/03/18 20:30
Name: Bayer Leverkusen-Borussia Monchengladbach
Odds: 1.16
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 9
Game: 5313
Date: 10/03/18 22:00
Name: Nantes-Troyes
Odds: 1.12
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 10
Game: 5131
Date: 10/03/18 18:00
Name: Hobro IK-Silkeborg IF
Odds: 1.18
Type: DC
Pick: 1X
No. : 11
Game: 2799
Date: 10/03/18 15:00
Name: Eibar-Real Madrid
Odds: 1.14
Type: DC
Pick: X2

Cheki vile saitan amenifanya jana. 30k imeniponyoka nikiona tu[ATTACH=full]161797[/ATTACH]

hizi odds zako stress tupu. Alaf unaekelea manggapi?

6 odds.
But 95% sure.

Nmebet na 1k.
Possible win amounts to kindu 6350.

Ndio tunangoja kuona. The odds are very very low.

Kama blackburn na leicester hawatajaza over 2.5 naona 7k ikinitoka tu ivo.Leicester kuna hopes ni 1goal only but blackburn sioni

Whoever played this slip, congratulations! Issworraidoo!

GG is my thing!

Nangoja blackburn ifunge moja ama ifungwe moja i call it a night

Na ujue hii yako imebeat tayari. 95% guarantee na hizo odds ndogo boss surely…

Crossed fingers man! All the best. Hii raha yetu needs all the encouragement we can get.

between me and 7k is just a single goal from either team.Blackburn ama blackpool wakifunga itakuwa raha sana kwangu

Omba sana juu coach ametoa goal scorer na goal assistant. He may be focusing on defence in the dying 10 minutes