Sometimes i wish i could take my boobs off when I go to bed

Weka picha hapa then we can advice accordingly on other available options.

:cool: how could i possibly be assisted

What’s wrong with them

Nashindwa kulala my favorite sleeping style thats all

Let me suck those berries for you my sweet samosa

Did you do some boob top up ama kitambo ulikuwa unalaliwa aje?

fala ii tuoche mecho

ivi tu

@Nameberry1 = @patco chunga sana. :D:D:D:D

this handle is ultra active since patco was siberiad

ndio nataka evidence mdau…afiche sura

only kwown ladies hapa ni @Freyja @Purple na ghaseer @nefertako

Nilete bei

Zimelala kama Chapatti

Hakuna top up but was facing up always n it’s not healthy… ile recommended ni facing down

Smart sana who is this ni mama wa kwako? Weka namba hapa

Petco ni nani am not he am a female kila kitu and you are fond of Petco ni mwanamke ama ni kiume?

She-male, ngui.

Surely you can tell am femeo from the word go i ve been consistent nacheza ka wao

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