Bonoboste appointed Chancellor of Exchequer pale Londonistan.

Tories who are the equivalent of Republicans in the UK, are more diverse than Labour Party who are the equivalent of Democrats in the UK. Majuu “diversity” among major parties matter really a lot. Labour haven’t yet even produced a Woman Leader yet while Tories have produced three.


Huyu curry muncher ako na ties to Kenya. Her parents ndio walikuwa wanajenga railway


Napenda Sana.

British imperialism ndio matunda yake tunaona.

homosexual hizi vitu za diversity unapenda sana. si Biden aliwapea homosexual crossdresser minister .

We ngombe huwezi tulia :smiley:

We already have a black lady and black Princess in the royal family. Very soon London will be black

All those who Brits colonized will rule England one day.

Hii kitu najua inauma wazungu sana. Blacks will once be members of the monarch

The fight is not in the races or nations anymore, its in the Social classes. Whatever value your wealth is worth defines which family (social class) you belong to. You may want to dispute this fact but look at your model basic village family back at your ushago na look at the different lives two brothers ( one is somehow rich and another poor- their children will not be in the same school and their lives are basically different apart from sharing roads )… and the margin goes up the more you are wealthy the more you distanced from your blood family and connected more to people of your social class. This other diversities, such as homos, transgenders, feminists are for blinding your eyes and not seeing the real division Social classes.

Nimesoma kwasi KARATENG. Thought the guy ni jaKisumo. Had to do a double take.