Bonobos tunatumiwa kama wajinga!

Mkt! Why can’t the damn French use the artifacts when they are just here?!


It’s It’s a common practice to move artifacts around, the only problem is that, we may end up getting replicas back, while the original artifacts ends being displayed in a billionaire estate’s in the French countryside.
Some of these wealthy guys have Egyptians Mummies in their estate’s, for bragging purposes.

The same way I question why you’d vote for arror knowing too well he is a thief and a killer.
Remove the log in your eye first before you question others

Wamekuachia wapi na wewe Pia ni fossil

It’s a solid money laundering scheme, with every exhibit the artifact appreciates

Hata ndio nilishindwa

We Kimakia tigana nanii

Hatutaki watu wa selective amnesia :D:D

Cognitive dissonance?

Shifo…Wewe nikama kibaki. …unapigwa sweep…bila kujitetea… if it were someone else ile matusi ingeporomoka wacha tu…

Mimi ni MTU understanding