Bonobos shouldn't be rich

All a bonobo does with his money is buy overpriced mtuma German cars; build a big ugly houses; get a few big-asses bimbo girlfriends; and then walk around with his bloated ego akiitwa muhesh…

…rich intelligent people in other parts of the world build architectual marvels, collect art, sail around the world, restore and preserve natural habitas, donate to cultural institutions, donate to scientific research, donate to bonobos suffering in Africa. Kupea bonobo pesa is like throwing it into a sewer


The curse of the bigger dick n asses. When tiktok was introduced the 1st thing kenyans started selling na fujo ni kunyonga sessions.

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Africans should have been left to live in the jungle the way they were doing before the coming of the white people. They should have just extracted the resources they wanted without interfering with the way of life for black people. But of course their goal was to make us extinct and occupy all our lands the way they did in America and Australia.

Inferiority complex of a nyeuthi is just on another level. Lazima awe na that big car plus that huge ugly house in the village. Or how else will we know that yeye ni tajiri?

Pokot hatunanga hii mashida ndogo ndogo. Bado tuna operate on jungle software 101.

90% of the aforementioned activities are strategies for tax avoidance and angling to score humongous profits…