Bonobos, Samsung Makes More Money Than Entire EAC

Na there’s a famous story that South Korea was Kenya’s peer in 1963.

The same case applies to many Japanese companies such as Toyota and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


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Evidence. Muhimu

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We do not exist to make money, we exist because it is our right to exist. We are not a corporation with a deadline and budget estimates, and production deadlines, we are here, now, today, tomorrow, and 1000 years to come, we are people first, we are not production goods or economic units


Wacha kujiconsole.

Negro can’t achieve shit

Negro dont need to shit, for example, every “homeowner” in the US has to pay to live there in state and federal taxes. In kenya, when you build a house, it is yours, and is probably built on land your ancestors owned since the beginning of time. You have na inelianable right to erxist there forever. in the us, all the land is owned by the government, you are only a rentor there, and thus you have to produce produce produce unti lthe day you die. We do not have to do that. it’s the treason so many americans and yuropeans are moving to kenya. They pretend its for the climate but they are just escaping the tax nightmare. Even parks you have to pay a fee to use, the roads are unwakable, the water is chemicalised and everything comes from a factory.

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Hehe. Hapo umenena.