bonobos must be used to test the cure



Our God will not allow us to perish so that the evil desire of some foreigners can be achieved.

They should start by capturing lab rat @Panyaste★ hapo Germany. You people do realize that a vaccine has to be tested on someone eventually. As usual, they can use Africans as guinea pigs without consequences. Hii upuzi hawawezi jaribu kwao because of the long prison sentence that would await them. Huku wakikuja wapee Gatheca a few coins they will do whatever they please without consequences. Our greatest enemies are our leaders who are willing to pimp us out to the highest bidders. Our greatest disadvantage is poverty. Poor people are easy to exploit.

:D:D:Dgod is probably smoking crack his pipe, rooting for you, but won’t do shit to interfere

Repent young man


Forced vaccination will begin. Bonobos will be told to capture other bonobos and hand them over to the government for injection.