Bonobos, Monkeys, Chimpanzees.....

in the Bible Lot’s Wife was turned into a pillar of salt for turning to look back at Sodom and Gomorrah while it was burning.
could some other Humans have been turned into bonobos/monkeys/chimpanzees/gorillas by God for disobeying or do we just have similarities?
it’s usually funny how out of all the animals, we share most traits with them.







Apes are closer to blacks than to whites. This isn’t racist, it’s a fact.

The five great primates. Orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo and human.

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so we are an advancement of the Apes and the whites an advancement of us since they say Africans/black people are the Originals?

More or less this

so the strength/brawns reduces as the brains increase?
to bad for black people in a “brains” world.

so there is the monkey, then the great five Primates: Orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, and human
but in the Humans, its the black person followed by the non black people…

:D:D:D:D:D actually it seems when white people claim they came from africa they are insulting us

We was kings and queens. We built great civilization when whites were living in caves. But unfortunately:

  1. We were still walking naked in 1900
  2. We were still gathering and hunting for food in 1900.
  3. We had no form of writing and reading by
  4. We couldn’t make bullets or simple explosives.

be easy on us.
our climate was/is very conducive for us, so we had no need for clothing (we are shedding them year by year, soon to walk naked again), having big farms, forming permanent means of communication or bullets and explosives.
we did the best in our climate.

we, however, have refused to use the existing knowledge and skills to better our lives.

It’s true that nature favoured us in many ways but why did we not look beyond the comfort zone we dwelled in?

very few Humans look beyond thier comfort and am sure the Africans who tried were excommunicated from the communities or called witches and wizards.
but has the “not living in the comfort zone” done more good or harm to Humans and the Earth?
maybe if the whole world lived within their means, the world would be better.

WE simplified life and lived where we can get everything we needed in life like water, food and other resources.

unfortunately for us, we adopted the “white system” which changed everything.
we developed urban centers and neglected rural centers where the food, water are.

Even the Bible discourages the idea of living in the comfort zone. If Noah and his family would have lived in the comfort zone, he would not have built the ark and thus would have perished like everyone else.

but look at what happened when we adopted parts of the Bible and left our comfort zone.
and could those words have been put in the Bible by man/capitalists to ensure we are working, buying stuff (not contend) to make them more wealthy?

because old men controlled everything … our african life revolved around old men , they f*cked all the young gals and were given priority in everything. Young men were used as erand boys and wariors so their spirit of adventure and curiosity was curtailed by wazee [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]…this is my hypothesis !

the old men were, “Alphas” and the young men, “Omegas” in the society.
and what about now? the young men/women have the power to rise.

Quite true. Young men were too preoccupied with being warriors and protectors of the tribes. Plus they couldn’t question the elders since this was tantamount to inviting a fatal curse.