bonobos in two rivers kunukisha kitunguu

kuna jeshi hukua na remote controlled cars pale ck square two rivers who charge ksh400 for a 10 min ride. let’s do the math.

They have 5 cars. thats 400*5 every 10 minutes = ksh 2000
Every hour its 2000 * 6 = ksh 12000

If they are there for 10 hours daily that’s = ksh 120,000 daily

if you have been there, these cars are almost occupied at any given time.

120,000 * 31 = ksh 3720000

a car’s cost - 74,000
five of them = 370000

unamaanisha kama hizi ama zile za watoto kukalia?


kukalia bonobo

Ndio hii better mazematics

lakini yangu ni real not hypothetical

@Lordsavegery no offence bro but you come across as one dumb motherfucker

none taken

Consider watoto wako Shule na high percentage ya current Kenyans ni hand to mouth… In a rich country maybe.

Nani anajua kuimport hizi vitu? Nataka kubuiya mtoi

maybe it doesn’t happen everyday. I assumed if it did but there are always somali kids there. on a sunday, they make atleast ksh 100k if they start from morning.

I saw one at Carrefour that goes for 74k considering that Carrefour is relatively cheaper than other supermarkets.

:D:D @Lordsavegery = @Azor Ahai group of handles

Do you maybe have an objection to my maths? I would like to know. I was assuming if they did that daily which may obviously not be possible.

Enda sasa uulize ile ya go cart akili ifunguke

If you understand the mall business in Kenya you’d know Two Rivers is a weekend and holiday mall.

Enda hapo any weekday urudi na ripoti.

240k every weekend is OK.

You didn’t factor in rent. Huenda they don’t operate on that floor space for free

mofo… nimesema najua si daily na nimesema i was just saying if it was daily… hujui kusoma?

inatumiwa na watu wengi so i don’t think ni mob

Failed badly . Even a wheelbarrow ain’t that cheap. Trolley is 5-7k ,mkokoteni 14k-ish but that was like three years ago . Even a bald tyre and rim can’t be 2k.