Bonobos fighting again.

Will South Sudan ever know peace? With these two bonobos mistrusting each other, I highly doubt. The common mwananchi suffers.

Mwanadamu kichwa ngumu sana ndio maana bunduki, bomu na kombora zilitengenezwa kuua binadamu

They should make it a Kenyan territory.

Naah, they may infect us with their folly, they are irrational humans, better have them caged elsewhere

Aren’t these your people Jimit?

Instability is lucrative

I keep saying we should covertly invade that country and install a puppet president. We can use the oil.

I agree. Or just wiped off the face of the earth. Wako kama wa ngapi ivi?

My people or not, I do not tolerate mediocrity and everything that drags Omuafrika behind, if it refuses to be civilized, then it should be gotten rid of, not allowed to lay eggs

SS is not a walk in the park. Fake Arab Sudan couldnt hold onto it after 50 years of trying, hao ni wa kuacha walambane tu

Form pale Illemi triangle hiko aje wadau?

The first thing a politician or high ranking military man from South Sudan or Somali does is to buy a mansion in Nairobi and relocate his family here to enjoy the peace and for the lifestyle. The man continues living in their home country for business reasons knowing that his family is safe and well taken care of. He comes over every weekend as he continues to plunder resources in his home country. Kenya is an ideal spot because he can drive or take a flight. It also has a critical mass of his countrymen so he will feel at home. When your neighbors are politically unstable, capital tends to flow from their country to your country.

So their instability is good for Kenia?

Honestly, I don’t know. I would be lying if I said that it is good without actual figures. I don’t know about the overall effect.

What I stated is just one advantage of having politically unstable neighbors if you are stable. Switzerland benefited immensely by being neutral during the world wars.

There is also a downside because peasants from their countries (people without capital) will also want to come here. No country with development intentions wants peasants in their country especially illiterate ones. We have enough of our own without jobs.

To arrive at your answer, we would have to have the figures of people moving from S.Sudan and Somalia, and their capital. Ideally, we would benefit if only the wealthy ones are allowed here and the peasants are locked out in refugee camps.

Note that this is just my Jua Kali economics. In reality, I understand human rights and wouldn’t like peasants locked out if their lives were threatened in their own country.

Nilotes are a war-like community.

That’s what’s exactly happening, only
different is its not us but the powers that be

Nilotes and violence are joined at the hip. Angalia Pokot, Samburu, Turkana, Kalenjin etc

You should consult @Himmler . He knows a way or two in dealing with such matters.

@Gaza a rebuttal is needed here, as the resident cattle rustler.