Bonobos disparaging HM Queen Elizabeth II na Chichimen advocating for the right to deenyaner mattercore wako same wozzap group

Both of y’all are bringing about societal collapse by shamelessly and carelessly denigrating social institutions.

They are shameless. Long live King Charles III

Winston Churchill was responsible for the massacres of Africans and indians but stool pushers like @cheekbusta @Thirimaii @kanguthu and @Heke don’t get it.

They are vermin

Editor tuwekee hekaya moja mzito ya Charles III pale Craziest Lanye Hekayaz


The Irish wamenibamba sana. They have really celebrated.

supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not some …farcical aquatic ceremony :D:D

You think chanting long live the king will earn you a visa to British empire? Concentrate on kstreet Soho district.

The monarchy has never apologized for colonialism atrocities nor have they entertained returning stolen wealth…so fuck the queen and her descendants who remain quiet on their evil past.

Want do people want.
She isn’t Queen Victoria who began colonialism but she is the Queen who ended it.
Her government saved us from the horrors of Mau Mau.By 1945 Britain had already decided to give us independence but giving us independence with the mau mau still around would have caused chaos upto this day.
She saved Kenya and we should thank her for this.

British anus lickers up here

Was there mau mau in 1945?

Nanzenz, phuck queen liz

They started in 1952.
Mau Mau delayed the date of our independence by 10yrs because Britain had to stay back and deal with them.

I doubt Britain would have given Kenya independence in the 1950s, given it was one of its most valued African colonies. British settlers actually intended to create a settler state

Settlers and State are two different entities. Reference; USA aka American colonies and Rhodesia.